Silly Billy Puppets have been all over the U.K. and performed at many different events, such as festivals, parties, fetes to even weddings. Each puppet has a story ready to be discovered. Ranging from large to glove puppets there is something for everyone. Interaction with the audience is essential to the performance, so be ready for thrills and giggles along the way with our noisy fun! 


 Meet the Puppets


The puppets of all puppets, what child or parent does not know of the naughty Mr Punch and his wife. We create a fun packed puppet show that will keep kids entertained and adults remembering their childhood. Punch and Judy are the puppets we all remember, sat on the beach as children with an ice-cream watching naughty Mr Punch get up to his old tricks. But wait - he has some new tricks up his sleeve! You can now bring the seaside to your very own back garden. Fun and spills for everyone.

Tex is just like any other 5 year old boy, he has his dreams of what he wants to be when he grows up. Tex dreams of being a cowboy, but just like any other boy he doesn't listen to what he is told. He's a very naughty and mischievous little boy who loves his water pistol, which I'm sure will bring some giggles along the way!

Monkey is very special, Silly Billy rescued him from a horrible place. The only person standing in the way of poor Monkey going back is Silly Billy. Monkey is very smart and has a special surprise in store.  

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